Monday, 21 October 2013

So, what happens in term time?

I had hopes that during term time I'd be able to post both about stress relieving cooking and some of the funny things I come across teaching teenage boys...

But this past term time has swallowed me up whole! I've been leaving for work at 7.45ish and getting back about 12 hours later. It's been bizarrely intense. I'm wondering if the summer holidays had dulled my mind to the actual realities of the winter term with its crazy amounts of planning, marking, chasing pupils for work...

Anyway, more of that later, but here's a roundup of some of the cooking and food that's been happening and I shamefully haven't been sharing with you.

You'll see an autumnal theme starting: pear tarte tatin, pumpkin pancakes with toasted pecans, pumpkin pie, gingerbread and beer cupcakes. And then there's some left-over-from-summer delights: a hunt for a cronut (which is held by my husband in the picture, hence the manly hand!), a trip to Mishkin's, a meringue and sponge birthday cake made for my mother and an attempt at a meringue coated cake made to celebrate a friend's engagement. Oh yes, and all of these are sweet things...I seem to live on sugar in term time!

I'll be posting recipes for these over the next few days and sharing some of the madness of teaching in a London day school. Do let me know what you've been cooking as autumn has come in!

For now though, he's one of the songs that kept me going through the crazy amounts of marking...

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