Saturday, 3 August 2013

A Saturday Summer Lunch

An Unhealthy Salad and an Adult Take on a Childish Pudding!


                                           Camembert and Bacon Salad and Pimmsicle

This salad I found in a 'Good Food' cook book I was given ages ago. It's as uncomplicated as its name suggests - chop up some Camembert, grill some bacon (until it's extremely crispy if you're like me!), fry some chunky white breadcrumbs (yup, this is definitely unhealthy), add to salad along with a white vinegar and mustardy dressing.

Pimmsicle is actually a name conjured by my husband; the ice lolly's official name is English Summer Cup. The lollies were really easy to make; I went for the ginger beer option. Although you can't see it in the picture there was mint in them too, making them a super refreshing end to a meal!

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